Stud Poker

The name Stud Poker covers a number of variant games where players may receive a mix of face up/face down cards which could be dealt over multiple betting round of the game in play.

In this review we are focusing mainly on the most popular classic game of 7 Card Stud –  In this game all players are dealt 7 cards each throughout the game, but only the best five cards will determine the winner at the end of the game.
Prior to any cards being dealt out, all players place an “Ante”, the amount of which is all dependent on the game – These amounts are pre-determined before the game takes place.

To start each player is dealt three cards “Third Street” – Two are hidden cards face down and the third is dealt face up – the lowest card face up is then forced to start the ball rolling in the form of a bet which is then followed by the other players in clockwise action until all have placed their bet.

Each player is then dealt a fourth card “Fourth Street” face up, and the first player to start the betting round would be the player with the highest poker value cards – this means that a player with  pair of Aces would go first before a player with say a pair of Kings.  This player may either check or place a bet.

Each Player is then dealt their fifth “Fifth Street” face up card – Once again the first player to start off the betting round it the player with the highest poker value cards which it then followed by the other players in big bet increments.

The sixth card is now dealt “Sixth Street” which is also once again dealt face up which then proceeds with the player who once again has the highest poker value cards and the betting is then continued in a clockwise direction for all the other players.

Each player is then dealt their final card “Seventh Street or River” which is dealt face down – this card is not shared in any way with the other players.  On delivery of this card the first person to action the betting will be the player whose exposed cards have the highest poker value and that takes you to the final betting round.

If after that round there are still players in the game you will then have a “Showdown” and the last bettor/raiser will start the last round by showing their cards first.  Should there not have been a bet placed on the final round, the player in the earliest seat will then show his/her hand and so on in a clockwise direction.

The Player with the best five card poker hand then wins the pot.  In the event that there are two players with the same winning hand, the pot will then be equally divided between them and that particular game will then be completed.