Keno is an exciting casino game of chance enjoyed by casino players all over the world. The game originated in China and has a long and eventful history. Cheug Leung invented the game to raise funds for the army and was highly successful in his venture. The game became so popular that it spread to other parts of the world. Several years later, Chinese immigrants brought the game to America, where it was called Chinese Lottery for some time. Today, Keno is available at online casinos all over the world, including the ones that accept Aussie players.

How to Play

The first step is to place a bet, choosing from values displayed at the top of the card. Then, players can choose up to 15 numbers or hit the Quick Pick 10 option to allow the software to randomly choose 10 numbers. Selected numbers will be highlighted, and players only have to click on them again if they want to de-select them. The next step is to hit the Play button and the software will randomly roll out 20 numbers. A results area at the bottom of the card informs players exactly how many of these 20 numbers match with the numbers they had selected on the keno card. Accordingly, players will be awarded payouts.

Players can play the same numbers over and over again just by hitting the Play button. Or they can select new numbers and then hit the Play button.

Keno Strategies

Keno is a lottery-style game of chance. This means that players will win only if Lady Luck smiles on them. There is no strategy on earth that can bend the odds in their favour and help them win the game. Despite this, some keno players say that strategy can be used to win the game. Many of them believe the myth that keno machines are shut down for the night and when they are started again in the morning, they display the same set of numbers. They believe that they can win a really big prize if they make a note of these numbers.

Players must note that no keno myth is true. The simple truth is that keno is a game of chance, just like any other lottery game. In addition, payouts vary from one provider to the other and online casinos have the power to limit the number of numbers players can select.