Mobile Casinos

First we had the “Brick” – this was certainly the start to being in contact with someone at all times of the day or night, especially for those travelling from one town to another.

The Electronic age is now in full swing, and never a day goes by that there has not been a new development that enhances our living in one way or the other.

Internet access is a must in today’s world, as this enables each and every one of us to gather information, pass on information and generally connect to all four corners of the globe.

With the advent of iPads, Smart Phones and Tablets we are now able to also connect to the gaming platforms that have specifically been tailor made so that you can connect to all Mobile Casinos, giving you the opportunity to play whenever and wherever you are.

The initial trend of building responsive websites is pretty much in the past, and International Casino operators have seen enough growth to build special device size-specific applications that complement the mobile device capabilities.

When playing mobile Casino games, you can either install a specific game app (IOS) or you can install Google Play (Android). Some Mobile Casinos offer up to as many as 600 games as well as offer incentives in the way of bonuses or free play.

The experience of playing at mobile casinos is similar to that of playing at online casinos. The only difference is that mobile casinos enable players to play on the move. Just like online
casinos, mobile casinos also give players the option to either download software apps or play the games directly from their browsers. Playing directly from one’s browser is the ideal option for those who own older mobile devices with limited memory. It is also the ideal option for players who prefer not to download any software onto their mobile devices.

The four major Software Providers are:-


This Company owns the largest Poker network and stand out with among the best with their mobile platform in the Online Casino Industry. Their claim to fame is in the titles they carry such as the Marvel Comic.


Microgaming are the world’s largest online casinos software providers that offers the most reliable and innovative solutions with currently over 600 casino games and adding at least two new games per month – The Software allows for either download or instant games, including as well as games via mobile devices such as Blackberry, Android Smartphones, Tablets, IPad’s and iPhone’s.

Real Time Gaming

The name speaks for itself in that Real Time Gaming specialises I n offering backroom managements so that you the player are able to count and keep track of your transactions and play.  Having this feature allows their staff to stay well informed and are always ready to solve any issues effectively and promptly.

Amaya Gaming

Amaya which is a Canadian based company produces top quality services and products for the Online Casinos, Poker and Sports Book platforms as well as for Lotteries and Slot Machine Software which are used not only for the online operators but also land based operators.