Table Poker vs Video Poker

Looking at Table Poker vs Video Poker, they both have their followers and both games are extremely popular, but there is not really that much similarity between the two other than the ranking of the cards remain the same irrespective of which game you are playing.

Table Poker comes in many shapes and forms.  Here you get games such as Texas Holdem, Razz,  Omaha Hi/Lo, 5 card Stud, Seven Cards Stud and many more other variations.  Each game comes with its own set of rules and its own specifications plus each game is played with a croupier either singularly or against fellow players.

In table poker there are different betting structures, different rounds such as the river, the turn, and the showdown plus you can raise, call or fold and cards that are dealt out by a dealer throughout the game.  There are hole cards and community cards and a host of other to name but a few.

Video poker does not have any calling decisions that need to be made.  Here only one player can play a game at a time – it is between you and the video poker machine, which is normally governed by a random number generator which assimilates a croupier dealing out the cards – these cards will be dealt to you once a token, be it a minimum bet or maximum bet, is inserted into the appropriate slot.

Once these cards have been dealt, the player chooses which cards to hold and which to discard, whereupon new cards will be dealt. It is now ascertained whether the cards that the player is holding merit a payout or not.

Between the two games, they certainly capture a huge section of the gaming market, as those who like the one on one interaction of a card game will choose a game such as Video Poker, whereas those that like a bit more excitement, extended play and interaction between fellow players and a croupier will definitely prefer table poker.