Professional Gambling

Becoming a professional gambler is not something anyone’s parents would recommend, not only does this profession in some way or another carry a “not an acceptable choice of profession by the public” stamp it is also an extremely high-risk profession.

Within the Gambling Industry it is believed that by the year 2020 the American gambling industry alone could be worth as much as $50 billion, which then makes professional gambling a lucrative business, this is of course banking on the fact that you could continually win.  The “New York Times” journalist Andrew Bluth reposted that they estimate some 700,000 possible pro gamblers within this time period.

A key difference between gambling for fun and entertainment and a professional gambler is that the pro gambler with his built up knowledge of playing will no doubt come out winning more often than not. To win big, professional gamblers must wager more money at all times. According  to  the American Gaming Association there in a very low percentage of “gamblers” who wager more than $300 in a single day. There is no specialized education to becoming a pro gambler, but you certainly do need years of practice and skill in calculating the odds while managing your bets in the game you’re playing.

Becoming a profession gambler is possibly the hardest choice you can make – Yes to many this profession may appear to be all glitz and glamour as it has been seen in the media for a minority that have succeeded, but you have to consider all the losses it has taken to get there.  Unless you have endless financial backing, or have been wise enough as a winner to take your money and invest so as to have a separate source of income, you will more than likely find yourself up the creek without a paddle. It is estimated that only 0.01 % people will ever make the grade and be able to maintain their status of being a professional gambler.

As a pro gambler you need to be able to make rational decisions, sometimes at the spur of the moment.  You have to be disciplined enough to look at the situation you are in during bad runs, and yes this even happens to professionals.  Pro gamblers allowing their emotions to get the better of them could easily result in Bankruptcy and the loss of Family and Homes – huge stakes for this profession compared to a 9 – 5 daily job knowing what you would be taking home at the end of every day.