Card Counting

Card counting is an age old practise that many gamblers have perfected and it is through this perfection that they can play their games, and have the odds in their favour.  Any casino, be it land based or online is in business for one reason and one reason only, so if you they have a player who is card counting, and winning big, they will certainly make sure of  that player being removed from the table.

How do they identify who is card counting – Firstly there are normally highly trained staff  and pit bosses who will be able to spot someone who is card counting by either watching them on the floor or watching from one of the many cameras that are installed in all casinos.  Some of these spotters are able to card count themselves, so they are able to spot card counters incredibly easy as they know the system, the rules and the method of play.

Secondly,  with technically advanced computer software today this has now become the eyes and ears of the casino.  This software records what cards are dealt and how the player plays his his/her hand, and after a couple of rounds the software can detect and alert the pit bosses or croupier that there is a card counter at the table.  The computer will even go so far as identifying what system of card counting the player is using.

To prevent card counting the casino normally uses more than one pack of cards.  For example in blackjack they will use either two or three pack of cards, and some games will even go up to as many as eight packs of cards, which will totally confuse any card counter.

Shuffling the cards after every couple of games is also a huge deterrent,  as  this makes the card counter start their system from scratch again.  These games do not go on long enough for the card counter to make a serious impact and hence all card counting systems truly become null and void.

Card Counting is generally frowned upon and is definitely not encouraged in any casino.  Anyone found card counting will be banned from the casino and escorted out immediately, never to return again.